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Providing a range from single need to a full complement of office relocation services designed around our client’s specific requirements.

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NATTIQ’s Office Relocation Services offers a consolidated solution to support a diversity of real property and accommodation requirements.


NATTIQ’s Office Relocation Services division is the largest indigenous-owned such practice in Canada. It offers a consolidated solution to support a diversity of real property and accommodation requirements.

  • Move Coordination Services – NATTIQ brings Move Management and Project Management expertise together in a holistic Move Coordination Service designed around the specific client needs from initial planning to project completion.
  • Office Relocations – Services include turn-key provision of all labour, equipment, bins/boxes, materials and transportation. NATTIQ is recognized as a leader in office moving in the National Capital Region.
  • Life-Cycle Disposition Services – Services include end of life repurposing, disposal and recycling as well as ability to provide eco-certification/carbon credits directly to clients, through proven results using NATTIQ’s Furniture Diversion Methodology.
    • Recycle and diversion from landfill (furniture, cabinets, shelving, carpet, etc.)
    • E-Cycle – labs/electronics, wire/cabling.
    • Secure and environmentally responsible electronic equipment destruction and recycling.
  • Technical Services – Computer and data center relocation solutions.
  • Furniture Cleaning – Office Chair/Panel Cleaning and inspection – making existing furniture look new.
  • Warehousing – Secure, climate controlled and bonded storage for any length of time.


Positioning and Contracting Vehicle for Our Government Clients

The 2017 Mandate letter to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada outlines the Government of Canada’s intention to renew the nation-to-nation relationship between Canada and indigenous peoples based on recognition and partnership. As the letter clearly stipulates, part of this commitment relates to developing initiatives to increase the diversity of bidders on government contracts, in particular businesses owned or led by Indigenous People, such as NATTIQ.


NATTIQ also has an effective contracting vehicle to move forward on Office Relocation Services. NATTIQ is a qualified supplier named under the Public Services and Procurement Canada Request for Supply Arrangements (RFSA) for Office Moving and Storage SA-E60LM-160030/006/LM.

  • This is available for use by the Government of Canada, and where NATTIQ is listed as the only indigenous supplier.
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