Our Mission

To use our extensive IM, IT, business and collaboration experience to enable our clients to benefit from advances in technology

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NATTIQ is a full-scale consulting firm providing solutions to clients in the areas of business, advisory, and IM/IT technology and transition services.


  • NATTIQ’s consulting team is a mix of senior management associates and operational experts, who work across business and technology domains with a focus on information management, information technology, Cloud, strategy, transformation, change management, policy, governance and program review.
  • NATTIQ’s senior strategic resources help solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance, by providing objective advice and expertise focused on strategy, structure, management and operations of an organization.
  • NATTIQ’s operational resources help to create value and improve business performance, by providing assistance in the operations of an organization.
  • NATTIQ works with clients at all levels in complex, often large public and private sector organizations.

Key Motivation and Background

  • NATTIQ understands that projects executed in large, politically and operationally complex environments require more than just tactical skills to succeed;
  • The unique goal of NATTIQ is to closely assist project owners in ensuring success of their initiatives at the Executive level by providing the key, strategic, Senior Executive resources to assist project owners in fulfilling their mission; and
  • Whether it is a Project Executive, Senior Project Manager, Senior Change Manager, Senior Risk Advisor, Senior Business Analyst, Senior HR/Organizational Design Specialist, Senior Information Management/Security Specialist or Senior Enterprise Architect, NATTIQ has the depth of expertise and strong roster of proven, senior associates dedicated to the success of all engagements.

NATTIQ has a track record of success and has consistently delivered projects within budget and schedule constraints to leading organizations such as INAC/DISC, Transport Canada, CFGB, DND, Health Canada, NSERC/SSHRC, PSPC (PWGSC), CRA, FNIHB, CFIA, DFO, CanNor, Canada Post, EDC, OSFI, Industry Canada, and many others.


Positioning and Contracting Vehicle for Our Government Clients

The 2017 Mandate letter to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada outlines the Government of Canada’s intention to renew the nation-to-nation relationship between Canada and indigenous peoples based on recognition and partnership. As the letter clearly stipulates, part of this commitment relates to developing initiatives to increase the diversity of bidders on government contracts, in particular businesses owned or led by Indigenous People, such as NATTIQ.

NATTIQ is well positioned through established Management Consulting Services contracting vehicles, including THS, TBIPs-Tier 1 & 2, TSPS, ProServices, as well as other third parties to provide services to it’s valued clients.

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